Empact introduces FSR Hangar

Empact and Sikorsky, A Lockheed Martin Company, teamed up on a five-year industrial cooperation project to deliver software for Sikorsky Field Service Representatives (FSR). The solution is a modern mobile digital workplace for employees that support Sikorsky commercial helicopter customers around the world.

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Together with Sikorsky, Empact defined and created a solution that makes Sikorsky’s Commercial FSRs better prepared and offers the possibility to offload data on-site, making operations trouble-free. Now information is accessible near the aircraft and customer.


The solution optimises communications, safety and digital processes for Field Service Representatives (FSR’s) to complement their existing laptop solution.


Streamlines the data exchange with the deployed Commercial Field Service Representatives supporting aircraft throughout the world.


A uniform communication platform with the operational centre. The solution provides a fast overview of the situation related to an airport or an aircraft.


Offers a quick option of adding personal notes related to the operator or aircraft, creating efficient procedures and reporting.

The new Field Service Representative Hangar allows Sikorsky’s Commercial FSRs to connect via tablet and phone directly to their Commercial Customer Care Center and submit technical information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, expediting communication and responsiveness with Sikorsky’s U.S.-based Customer Care Center. Providing employees with the ability to access and process data builds trust between customers and the aircraft. It fuels growth and creates competitive advantages for Sikorsky.

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"This toolset allows our reps to support and send information back to Sikorsky from the shadow of the aircraft, shortening the time between problem discovery and resolution."

Simon Gharibian, Director, Lockheed Martin

The company

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest supplier in the defence industry with +100.000 employees

With a annual turnover of over 300 billion DKK. As solutions partner to Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, Empact has delivered a digital workplace solution to their employees.

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