AMMS: Agnostic Manufacturing and Maintenance System

AMMS supports manufacturing and maintenance organizations across multiple domains, providing secure interactions with operators, OEMs, and suppliers, while integrating seamlessly with internal IT systems.

With customizable deployment options, comprehensive field service engineering support, and intelligent tooling integration, AMMS redefines excellence in defense manufacturing and maintenance operations.




Versatile Deployment

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DFSR: Digital Field Service Representative

DFSR is a mobile solution that empowers field personnel with instant access to critical business and customer information. It seamlessly integrates with ERP, CRM, ticketing, troubleshooting, and sustainment systems, ensuring efficient decision-making and data input.

With an intuitive interface and key features like asset management, chat support, and offline capability, DFSR revolutionizes field operations for enhanced productivity and connectivity.

Seamless Integration

Offline Capability

Enhanced Productivity

Mobile Solution

DX: Digital Transformation

Experience the transformational power of digital excellence as we unlock innovation, integration, and optimization within your existing infrastructure.

By optimizing operational efficiency, streamlining processes, and enabling data-driven decision-making, we empower you to achieve new levels of productivity and effectiveness. Our intuitive user interfaces simplify complex tasks, enhancing the overall user experience for your team.

User Friendly

Seamless Integration

Digital Thread


Digital transformation

Your Trusted Partner in Growth

With a rich journey of challenges and excitement, Empact has emerged as the premier partner for industry leaders seeking growth.

Founded in Copenhagen 

It all started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006, since then we have expanded globally, establishing offices in Romania, the United States, and soon in Norway. 

8+ Years of Experience


We have cultivated deep expertise in working alongside defense industry leaders, delivering exceptional results and driving innovation. 

Collaborative Culture


We foster seamless collaboration, enabling us to fuel continuous growth and create impactful solutions for our valued clients. 


Unlock Your Success with Offset 

Empact's participation in offset projects deliver exceptional results, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring the achievement of your milestones. Join us in creating mutually beneficial trade agreements that drive economic growth and foster strong partnerships. Experience reliability and success with Empact's Offset Projects in Denmark, Romania and Norway.



Milestones Reached


Deadlines met



Deployment Coverage


Powerful Collaborations

Explore Empact's customer cases and discover the power of collaboration in driving innovation and success.



AMMS: Lockheed Martin collaboration

In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, Empact has created a solution that provides maintainers and other stakeholders a seamless platform to perform work within all maintenance areas, thereby taking maintenance management to the next level.


FSR Hangar: A Sikorsky and Empact project

Empact and Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, teamed up on a five-year industrial cooperation project to deliver software for Sikorsky's Field Service Representatives (FSR). The solution is a modern mobile digital workplace for employees that support Sikorsky's commercial helicopter customers around the world.


Leadership Dashboard: An Impactful Sikorsky Solution

Empact Leadership Dashboard is an extension to the FSR Hangar application that Empact developed for Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company. The solution provides leaders with a tool that makes operational performance more efficient. 

AMMS laptop and iPad
FSR Hangar
Leadership Dashboard

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As your digital partner, we can assist you in:

  • Optimizing the operational availability time of your  assets.

  • Improving the economy of your maintenance operations.

  • Ensuring seamless data exchange between departments and other OEMs or operators.

  • Providing data capturing, tracking, maintenance, task manager, and fleet management tool for your field service representatives.

  • Tailoring solutions that meet your digital needs.

  • Supporting your sustainment operations.