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Task Completion for Operational Excellence


In an industry with high employee turnover, ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed correctly is crucial. Empact's task management system becomes your solution for keeping the business running smoothly. Especially beneficial for new or young employees, it guides them through their responsibilities, contributing to a well-functioning retail environment.


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Deploy tasks easily

Empacts task management module makes it easy to both assign and complete tasks. 

  Template based tasks can be created to ensure consistency and quality in stores. This can for e.g., be checklists with repetitive tasks that should be done when closing the store or keeping track of inventory. 

  It’s easy to assign and delegate tasks.

  Tasks can be divided into different priorities to ensure efficient use of resources.

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Streamline Your Digital Landscape with Empact – The Ultimate Retail Toolkit

Communication and collaboration 
Allowing real-time interaction between store workers and HQ, keeping employees informed, connected and within instant reach regardless of location.
Training & Onboarding
Our Training & Onboarding module is tailored to secure a fast and efficient process from day one, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills needed to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Integration and automation
Increase user adaption by connecting the Empact platform to your already existing IT stack.

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With our employee engagement app, we help companies:

  Increase productivity of full time & hourly employees

  Reduce complexity & system chaos

  Build better workplace affinity

  Retain employees better & increase happiness