64% of all onboardings fail 

Collaborative companies are 5 times more likely to excel

€1 Invested in engagement yields up to €2.35

Reach your entire workforce on any device. Keep employees connected, aligned, and safe, with the Empact platform.
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Retail industry

Simplify and Unify
with Empact

Explore the next era of manufacturing excellence with Empact – the ultimate digital ally that propels safety, efficiency, and compliance to unprecedented heights.
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All-in-one employee app for retail

The all-in-one platform to assist your retail workers with their daily processes and ensure effective onboarding and operational efficiency in the stores 

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Level up your store workers



Increase Productivity 

 Empact streamlines workflows and enhances team communication for increased efficiency.
Increase Training Efficiency

Prompt employees with essential learnings, checklists, and training sessions to ensure employees quickly are up-to-speed.
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Equip store workers with latest status on recalls, alarms, sales numbers, and other relevant information – directly from other core systems.
Increase Engagement

Reach your entire workforce from everywhere with dedicated communication modules.

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Discover how Empact can revolutionize your workforce communication, training, and operations. Our intuitive platform keeps your employees connected, informed, and engaged across any device.

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