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Os i Coop: The employee engagement app that connects 40.000 employees


Empact and Coop, one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailers, teamed up to deliver Os i Coop, an employee engagement app to strengthen the organization's communication and core activities.


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The employee engagement app to stay in the know


Empact and Pandora joined forces in delivering Pandora Go, an employee engagement app for Pandora to connect and engage with its non-desk workers.


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Elis BAS: the internal app that automates the process for sales personnel


Together with Elis, Empact developed Elis BAS, a tablet solution for sales staff on the go meeting clients. Elis BAS automates orders and contract processes and reduces the risk of costly human errors.


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All-in-one app for all your employees 

 Share task management lists, inventory information, guidelines on ‘how to’ and other relevant information through a user friendly app

 Integrate all your existing IT-systems in one platform 

 Make sure employees are up-to-date with specific information related to each store 
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Increase your bottom line with strong connectivity

In an industry categorized by high employee churn, many part-time workers, low gross-margins, and many employees from generation Z it is crucial to: 

  Give employees easy access to relevant information 

  Have effective and efficient onboarding systems in place 

 Have efficient communication and collaboration tools 
Saved hours with Empact

Insights at your fingertips with integrations and real-time data

 Leverage data

 Seamlessly integrate with existing systems

 Simplify complex tasks on a mobile device
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Empact also helps you with

Communication & Collaboration
Allowing real-time interaction between store workers and HQ, keeping employees informed, connected and within instant reach regardless of location. 
Onboarding & Training
Our Training & Onboarding module is tailored to secure a fast and efficient process form day one, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills needed to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Task Management
Digitize processes through streamlined task management and deliver a consistent experience to your customers. 
Integration & Automation
Increase user adaption by connecting the empact platform to your already existing it stack. 

Modernize your retail workforce