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Make sure that employees have the critical information fast from anywhere


With Empact communication module you are always connected with your colleagues and employees 

 Personalized updates for every employee.

 Allowing two-way communication.

 Possible to like and comment content from colleagues. 

 For important updates push announcements to create immediate awareness.

News and announcement

Use secure chat instead of SMS and calling 


The Empact chat module allows for real time communication between individuals and group chats. 

 Chat can be used to inform 1-1 or group of people about important messages like absence, product delays, and things to be aware of in general. 

 The chat messages are kept in a safe way and it is possible to search and trace back old messages. 


Use social walls instead of Facebook and own the data yourself


Empacts’ Social Wall module is the place for more informal communication between employees 

  Create private or public groups and interact with your colleagues on social matters such as “Friday running event, company football club, bake-off contest etc.” 

  Possible to interact with content from your colleagues by liking or commenting on posts 

Social walls - retail

Stay updated on employee needs and well-being


Empact's survey module is tailored to simplify survey creation and take the pulse of your organization. 

 You can construct surveys with open-text, multiple choice, and yes/no answers to targeted groups. 

 The surveys can be conducted anonymously if needed. 

 Result of the survey is displayed in the dashboard or can be exported to relevant BI tool for further analysis. 

Survey - retail

Streamline Your Digital Landscape with Empact – The Ultimate Retail Toolkit

Onboarding & Training
Our Training & Onboarding module is tailored to secure a fast and efficient process form day one, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills needed to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Task Management
Digitize processes through streamlined task management and deliver a consistent experience to your customers. 
Integration & Automation
Increase user adaption by connecting the empact platform to your already existing it stack. 

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With our employee engagement app, we help companies:

  Increase productivity of full time & hourly employees

  Reduce complexity & system chaos

  Build better workplace affinity

  Retain employees better & increase happiness