A long-standing commitment to the
future of organizations

At Empact, we build mobile app solutions for organizations. We offer tech and digital solutions that build brand reputation and offer real solutions to business challenges. We accelerate your goals and make lasting improvements to your organization's performance. Since 2006, we have helped organizations promote digital transformation and employee engagement.

"This day, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading companies in Denmark within the corporate mobile application industry"

As an industry leader, we have a responsibility — a responsibility to you as your solution partner. There's the bit where we could make claims and say that we are the leading expert on digitalization. But everyone says that, right? To make it simple: we help organizations build competences, communicate, collaborate and connect.

Our Journey

The Empact history

The journey has been long, exciting and challenging. Here you can experience our milestones over the years


Founded in Copenhagen

It all started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006.

We have a global approach

Our employee app creates value in workplaces around the world.

Ambitious plans for the future

We changed our name from BridgeIT to Empact in 2021 and are ready for even more growth.


Our employees are our
greatest asset.

Are you a tech superstar? Are you the type of person who can’t stop thinking about how you can express your creativity and can’t help spending hours on side projects and experiments? Then you will love working at Empact.

Can-do spirit

Global team



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