Farlige Stoffer

The app to detect hazardous chemicals


The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) joined forces with Empact in developing Farlige Stoffer, an app that makes rescue workers even better prepared to solve dangerous events involving chemical and hazardous substances.

Farlige Stoffer







Increasing safety digitally 

DEMA (Danish Emergency Management Agency/Beredskabsstyrelsen) needed a solution that enabled authorities and professionals, such as firefighters, health professionals, and police to perform tasks involving dangerous substances in an even more efficient way. Empact provided a solution that helps rescue workers when searching for hazardous chemicals. The app can be used as a fast and accessible digital tool to find relevant information about incidents where there are dangerous chemical substances.
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Emergency personnel can look up physical or chemical data and find instructions for the safest operation in the event of an accident or the presence of hazardous chemical substances.

Farlige Stoffer stores the user's last five lookups in an overview, so it is possible to come back and see previous searches


With the app, users also have access to a Geo map showing their location and emissions center.


The application enables the option of selecting the applicable safety distance for the yielding substance and subsequently marking the area with wind direction information (DMI).

Consolidating at creating accessibility 

Farlige Stoffer is based on information from a series of handbooks published by DEMA, making all the material available in a digital form. The app enables the possibility to search for information offline since it can download all data.

Though the app is only available in Danish, the search register contains all UN numbers and English names of compounds. 
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The Institution

Danish authorities for crisis and emergency assistance


DEMA prepare society for, prevent and respond to major accidents and disasters, in Denmark and abroad


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