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The employee engagement app that connects with 40,000 employees


Empact and Coop, one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailers, teamed up to deliver Os i Coop, an employee engagement app to strengthen the organization's communication and core activities.






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Coop approached Empact to request a solution that secured their information flow. The organization needed to ensure ownership of data by reducing the usage of public collaboration tools while at the same time optimizing and improving knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Moreover, Coop also had significant challenges with onboarding and getting their corporate communication out to everyone across store chains. Empact was able to address these pain points with a solution that secured information flow between HQ and the retail store chains and facilitated better and targeted onboarding for new and current employees.
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Empact helped Coop with



The news module has improved both horizontal and vertical communication within Coop. Managers can push notifications so store employees always receive the latest news.

The group module supports the recall process directly to store employees, making the process agile and engaging, securing fast handling of products.


The employee app complies with the highest GDPR and security standards, a perfect example of how the Empact solution drives efficiency and governance in large corporations.


The onboarding module has enabled Coop's HQ users to structure individual onboarding flows and distribute them to the company's targeted groups.

Better onboarding, better service

Considering how time-consuming it is for Coop’s HR department to onboard new employees, we refined the onboarding module to focus on automation, targeting, and governance. This way, each onboarding flow is targeted with a range of onboarding-specific user attributes to ensure that the right information reaches the right individuals at the right time.

Now the onboarding module enables Coop's HQ users to structure individual onboarding flows and distribute them to the company's targeted groups.
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The collaboration with Empact has been more of a partnership where we have developed together. In other words, they contributed knowledge that we did not already have. So, our needs are not the answer in itself. But it is their co-operation that holds the answer.

Lars, Communication Manager

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The company

One of Denmark's largest workplaces

Coop operates the retail chains Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen, and Coop.dk Shopping, Coop.dk MAD and the subsidiaries Fakta A/S and Irma A/S. Coop Denmark and its subsidiaries have an annual turnover of approximately DKK 50 billion and more than 40.000 employees.

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