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User-friendly training for your employees secures fast learning


When new workflows, machinery, and safety procedures are introduced, employees are required to continuously learn new skills. This needs to happen quickly, and traditional peer training or attending relevant courses alone may not be enough to maintain high productivity. More is needed. 

The Empact app enables prompt access to essential learning elements through a dedicated onboarding module and easily accessible checklists. This helps employees quickly adapt to new procedures and workflows. Additionally, the app's survey module ensures that employees have acquired the necessary skills or indicates if additional training is required. 

Training screens

Automated training based on microlearning 


Empact app offers the opportunity to set up a sequence of short training sessions that can be triggered by a completed activity or a specific time interval. The individual sessions can consist of materials such as test, video, assignments, and instructions. To secure a steeper learning curve the training sessions are pushed to the specific employees and can easily support traditional peer-to-peer training and courses. 

Training quiz

Reduce employee churn by 50% 


With Empacts’ automated training and onboarding process there are significant advantages to be gained.  

 When introducing new machinery or guidelines automated training sessions will not only lead to increased productivity but also reduce incidents and accidents in the production. 

 Reduce employee churn (if employee retention is up by 50% in organizations with a standard onboarding process, it can increase by up to 16% with an automatic onboarding system).  

 Make sure the whole process is completed on time by using Empacts notification engine.

Training and Onboarding screens

Streamline Your Digital Landscape with Empact – The Ultimate Manufacturing Toolkit

Safety & Guidelines
With Empacts’ solution your employees have easy access to safety guidelines and are continuously trained in these ensuring higher compliance.
Communication & Collaboration
Allowing real-time interaction between workforce and HQ, keeping employees informed, connected and within instant reach regardless of location.
Integrations & Automation
Increase user adaption by connecting the Empact platform to your already existing IT stack.

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With our employee engagement app, we help companies:

  Increase productivity of full time & hourly employees

  Reduce complexity & system chaos

  Build better workplace affinity

  Retain employees better & increase happiness