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Empowering deskless workers with a one-stop-shop 


Integrate already existing IT-systems in one platform so that deskless workers can obtain all relevant information from one place – without having to manage separate credentials for each system. 


Empact connectivity model


Our connectivity model supports out-of-the-box two scenarios for securing information exchange between other IT-systems. 

 An open API-layer where you can manage the data you want to exchange 

 We can build a custom integration adapter where we manage the data you want to exchange 

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Cloud or On-Premises – your choice! 


The Empact software can be deployed either On-Premises or in Cloud. This is a unique opportunity for you to control data security which also supports a possible Cloud journey (if you are planning to transfer to Cloud at a later stage). 

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Streamline Your Digital Landscape with Empact – The Ultimate Manufacturing Toolkit

Safety & Guidelines
With Empacts’ solution your employees have easy access to safety guidelines and are continuously trained in these ensuring higher compliance.

Training & Onboarding
Our Training & Onboarding module is tailored to secure a fast and efficient process form day one, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills needed to maintain high production efficiency.
Communication & Collaboration
Allowing real-time interaction between workforce and HQ, keeping employees informed, connected and within instant reach regardless of location.

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With our employee engagement app, we help companies:

  Increase productivity of full time & hourly employees

  Reduce complexity & system chaos

  Build better workplace affinity

  Retain employees better & increase happiness