MAN Connected: the employee engagement app to reach employees on the go

Empact and MAN Energy Solutions, a multinational company producing large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery, cooperated in delivering MAN Connected, an employee engagement app that helps support efficiency, knowledge sharing, and communication for all MAN employees across the world.







Man connected app

Digital transformation creates distinct imperatives as elements of the business proposition evolve. A successful strategy execution by engaged employees is most comfortably achieved through effective, targeted, and continuous communication. For MAN Energy Solutions, communications needed to be as easy to access and as relevant for the individual employee as possible. With MAN Connected, reaching the employees is easier than ever.

Call module

With MAN Connected it is easy to stay connected on the go with Phonebook, where users have access to the necessary information for Travel Security and immediate assistance through the app.

Blog module

The Blog feed segmentation is tailored to departments and countries, making it easy to reach the individual employee based on their role, function, and location.

Social wall

Social interactions, as you know them from social platforms, with like buttons and comment sections, encourage employees to engage with each other.

Professional long-distance relationships are challenging. Not being in the same place as your manager or colleagues can often lead to miscommunications and enhances the feeling of being disconnected. In collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions, Empact developed the mobile solution MAN Connected with which MAN Energy Solutions has started its mobility journey by empowering its 15.000 employees.

The app fuels the growth of individual employee and their contribution to the company. By being included and reminded of their value, MAN Energy Solutions enables their employees to perform to their full potential.

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"Our employees are connected and updated with the company's news simply by accessing their Smartphones."

Tommy Andreasen, CFO, Denmark

The company

Contributing to a carbon-neutral economy

Leading the way in advanced engineering for more than 250 years, we provide a unique portfolio of technologies. Headquartered in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions employs some 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally. Our after-sales brand, MAN PrimeServ, offers a vast network of service centres to our customers all over the world.

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