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Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere with Offline Capability


Stay connected, update data on the go, and maintain productivity regardless of the field conditions. DFSR ensures uninterrupted connectivity with its offline capability, allowing field personnel to access critical information even in areas with limited  network coverage. DFSR is your reliable companion in the dynamic and often challenging field service environment

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Robust Integrations for Comprehensive Solutions


DFSR goes beyond a standalone solution by seamlessly integrating with a range of systems, including your CRM system , video conferencing, service desk, AMMS, and troubleshooting tools. This interoperability enhances the overall functionality of DFSR, providing a holistic approach to digital field service representation.

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Security-First Approach and Flexible Deployment Options


Prioritizing security, DFSR adheres to open standards and employs robust authentication, authorization mechanisms, containerization, and TLS1.3/AES-256 encryption. Deploy DFSR with confidence as a mobile solution with a backend on-premise or in the cloud. 

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Intuitive Interface and Key Features


Gain a comprehensive overview of assets, manage Aircraft Service Bulletins, Aircraft Service Bulletins, Time Compliance Technical Orders and track asset usage and availability effortlessly. The app is configurable based on your program's unique requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse operational needs.

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