Increase safety and ensure compliance

Centralize information

Gather important safety protocols, compliance guidelines, and regulatory requirements, to allow easy access to crucial information for all employees.

Real-time notifications

Keep employees informed about safety updates, incident alerts, policy changes, and compliance reminders, to increase awareness and accountability.

Incident reporting

User friendly interactive features enable employees to report incidents, hazards, or potential risks promptly, facilitating proactive risk management and creating a safer work environment.

Remove barriers to compliance

By providing a user-friendly interface and instant real-time delivery of compliance-related information, alerts, and safety updates you can act quickly and make it easy for employees to stay compliant and safe.

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Use onboarding flows to train your employees

Make compliance simple and attainable by ensuring that new hires receive comprehensive training and information on policies and procedures right from the start.





Keep safety protocols within arms reach

Digitalize safety protocols to enhance safety and compliance by providing a convenient and accessible platform for employees to access and refer to up-to-date safety guidelines and procedures.

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Leverage data to ensure everyone is up to date

Track safety and compliance metrics, identify improvement areas, and implement proactive risk management strategies by leveraging data from our dashboards to enhance safety and regulatory adherence.


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The one-stop app to ensure compliance and safety

Designed for the user

By prioritizing intuitive navigation and user-friendliness, you can foster active participation and enhance accessibility.

Train employees continuously

We help you empower employees to stay updated on best practices, mitigating risks, and promoting a safe and compliant work environment.

Leverage data

Keep your finger on the pulse with our dashboards to identify which protocols are being read the most, and to pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Safety and Compliance in Practice

Farlige Stofferthe app to detect hazardous chemicals

The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) joined forces with Empact in developing Farlige Stoffer, an app that makes rescue workers even better prepared to solve dangerous events involving chemical and hazardous substances.

Farlige Stoffer

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