Boost Employee Retention

Gather feedback

Empact empowers employees to share feedback, fostering inclusiveness whilst enabling managers to implement positive change based on data.

Encourage teamwork

By scheduling onboarding and implementing team chats and news, we break down silos and boost collaboration, strengthen relationships across teams.

Digital employer branding

Effectively showcase your company's values, culture, and opportunities to create a strong employer brand that attracts and retains top talent.

Onboarding employees to succeed from day one

Provide your new hires with a seamless and efficient onboarding experience, ensuring that they feel welcome and equipped to do their job. 



Task flows


Onboarding for Employee retention
Social walls and news

Recognize employees on social walls and news

Foster a culture of appreciation, where employees feel valued for their achievements and contributions by acknowledging them on news feeds and social walls.

News feed

Social walls

@ Tag users


Use surveys to gather feedback

Identify areas of improvement by actively listening to employee feedback through surveys. Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement through regular surveys.

Pulse surveys




Survey and notifications

Encourage teamwork with chats

Real-time communication and collaboration breaks down barriers and promotes a sense of belonging and connection amongst employees, boosting employee retention.

Group chats

1-on-1 chats

@ Mentions

Like & reply

The one-stop app to increase employee retention

Make their voices heard

Gather feedback through surveys, listen to ideas through ideation and connect employees across teams through one app. 

Make it simple

Our user centric design is familiar and enables seamless and convenient communication, boosting employee retention through connectivity.

Employer branding

Showcase your company's values, culture and opportunities to create a positive brand image that attracts and retains top talent.

Employee Retention in Practice

Os i Coopthe employee engagement app that connects with 40,000 employees

Empact and Coop, one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailers, teamed up to deliver Os i Coop, an employee engagement app to strengthen the organization's communication and core activities.

Coop screens

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