Increase employee engagement

Ask for their opinion

Foster a sense of ownership and engagement within your organization by empowering employees to share their thoughts and feel heard.

Make information accessible

By providing instant access to updates, resources, and knowledge, employees can stay informed, empowered, and engaged in their work.

Support the community

Create a supportive environment where employees can connect, share ideas, and work together towards common goals.

Keep your finger on the pulse with surveys

Unleash the power of surveys and pulse surveys in our app to listen, empower voices, and foster a culture where opinions matter, fueling employee engagement, satisfaction, and a stronger sense of belonging.




Pulse surveys


Get social with group chats

By facilitating real-time communication and information sharing group chats enhance transparency and promotes open dialogue, empowering employees to actively participate and contribute to discussions.

Custom groups


@ Tag users

Like & react

Build community with social walls and news

Spark dynamic interactions and empower employees to stay informed, connected and involved in company updates and discussions. Share insights, celebrate achievements, and foster a sense of belonging.



Share media

Add sign-off

Social walls and news
Onboarding for Employee retention

Facilitate individual growth with onboarding

Digital onboarding promotes a smooth integration into the company culture, enhances skill development, and cultivates a strong connection between employees and the organization, ultimately driving engagement and retention.


Task flows



One-stop to increase employee engagement

Make their voices heard

Deliver tailored messages, resources, and opportunities to specific employee groups, resulting in increased personalization and aligning communication.

Employer branding with reach

Employer branding boosts engagement by showcasing values, culture, and opportunities through visuals, storytelling, and interactive content.

Leverage data to engage

Identify areas for improvement, optimize employee experiences, and tailor engagement initiatives by analysing employee behaviour, preferences, and needs.

Employee Engagement in Practice

Os i Coop: the employee engagement app that connects with 40,000 employees

Empact and Coop, one of Denmark's leading consumer goods retailers, teamed up to deliver Os i Coop, an employee engagement app to strengthen the organization's communication and core activities.

Coop screens

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