Mobile internal communications

Connect and collaborate

Digital tools foster real-time information sharing, collaboration, and communication, enhancing productivity in the workplace.

Broad or narrow reach

Deliver relevant information and streamline collaboration through targeted and segmented social walls, news and chats.

Digital employer branding

A strong digital employer brand fosters a sense of belonging, and promotes open dialogue for improved communication within the organization.

Chats keeps your team off social media

Chats enables quick exchanges, efficient information sharing, problem-solving, active participation, teamwork, and stronger relationships for enhanced collaboration and communication.

Group chats

1-on-1 chats

Likes & replys

@ Mentions


Ideation unlocks your employees' full potential

Leverage the Ideation module to harness employee intelligence, foster open communication, and cultivate an innovative culture that fuels improved collaboration and problem-solving.

Share ideas

Create topics

Vote & comment

Attach files

Personalized news connects employees

By keeping employees informed about relevant updates and fostering a shared understanding, personalized news facilitates knowledge sharing and strengthens teamwork within the organization.

News feed

Share media

Add sign-off



Comment, like and share to unite people

Create an interactive environment by allowing employees to engage with content and express their thoughts. Make your news feed a space that strengthens relationships and facilitates discussions.




@ Mention

The one-stop app to solve communication issues

Designed for the user

By prioritizing intuitive navigation and user-friendliness, you can foster active participation and enhance accessibility.

Digitalize collaboration

Empower employees to connect and engage in a efficient and productive manner by providing an platform for seamless interaction.

Create transparency

By providing access to relevant information, updates, and insights through open communication channels, you can build trust among employees.

Communication and Collaboration in Practice

Pandora Go: the employee engagement app to stay in the know 

Empact and Pandora joined forces in delivering Pandora Go, an employee engagement app for Pandora to connect and engage with its non-desk workers.

Pandora screens

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